This figure reflects the project architecture and the vacancies for 18 PhD positions and 5 postdoc positions

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The vacancies are rooted in the indicated university, but often multiple universities collaborate in the project.

The vacancies will open in due time, starting October 2020, and posted on

Research Line 1

PhD 1.1

New anode materials for cost-effective hydrogen production

PhD 1.2

Cathode materials for selective and stable CO2 conversion


PhD 1.3

Electrodes for increased lifetime under harsh and realistic conditions


PhD 1.4

Membranes for increased lifetime under harsh and realistic conditions

Postdoc 1.5

Advanced, Robust Electrodes and Membranes

Research Line 2

PhD 2.1

Impact of variability on storage technologies

PhD 2.2

Modelling spatially explicit energy market effects

PhD 2.3

Multi-level, multi-actor modelling governance and regulation

PhD 2.4

Ethically responsible design of a storage system

PhD 2.5

Assessment of field labs and innovation ecosystems

Postdoc 2.6

Socio-technical system design

Research Line 3

PhD 3.1

Development of membrane electrode assemblies and AEM cells

PhD 3.2

Development of electrochemical cell for H2/H2O2 production

Postdoc 3.3

Development of high-surface area electrocatalysts for H2O2 production

Research Line 4

PhD 4.1

Structure/performance relations for Cu-based electrocatalysts for CO2 reduction to ethylene and ethanol


PhD 4.2

Gas diffusion electrodes for electrochemical CO2 reduction

PhD 4.3

Development of CO2 capturing electrolyte for combined capture and conversion of CO2

PhD 4.4

Development of an integrated CO2-capture/electrochemical conversion process

Postdoc 4.5

Reactor configurations for electrochemical CO2 reduction

Research Line 5

PhD 5.1

Electrodes for redox flow batteries

PhD 5.2

Optimization of process control for flow batteries

PhD 5.3

Development of hierarchical ion conductive membranes


Postdoc 5.4

Electrochemical engineering of flow and current conditions